Martial Law Chronicles Project 1


Why Learn About Martial Law?

Teaching about Martial Law can inspire students to think critically about the past and their own roles and responsibilities today. 

Martial Law Chronicles Project 2

Stop Historical Negationism

Historical negationism, also called denialism, is a distortion of the historical record. It is often imprecisely referred to as historical revisionism, but that term also applies to legitimate academic reinterpretations of the historical record that diverge from previously accepted views.- Source

Martial law: This time 40 years ago

Understand the Different Forms of Filipino Resistance Movements

Learn about the different ways Filipinos resisted Martial Law and fought for human rights and democracy.

Martial Law Chronicles Project 3

Objective Perspective on the True State of the Economy Under Martial Law.

Martial Law Chronicles Project 4

Be able to Spot the Signs of a Dictatorship

Consequences of Martial Law

Learn about the Rise and Fall of Ferdinand Marcos

Martial Law Chronicles Project 5

To Honor and Remember the Martyrs of Martial Law






The lessons of Martial Law are more relevant now than ever. Your contribution will have an immediate and direct impact on educating future generations.

Massive protest action against Marcos burial set on Nov. 25
Martial Law Chronicles Project 6

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