BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE | Dictatorship’s victims urge rights board to hasten processing of claims

Source: MANILA, Philippines — Aging victims of the Marcos dictatorship are urging the panel tasked to process their claims for reparation to speed up its work, saying hardly anything has moved in the two years since the law granting them compensation was enacted. Worse, the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board will cease to exist … Read more

What happened during Martial Law

Source: MANILA, Philippines —The Philippines commemorates the 43rd anniversary of former President Ferdinand Marcos’s declaration of martial law on Sept. 23,1972. During the full implementation of martial law under the Marcos regime, several institutions and media outlets were closed down, officials and citizens were arrested and there activists were killed. Martial law officially ended … Read more

Never again: Palace reminds public of dark martial law years

Source: ABS-CBN MANILA – A day before the nation is set to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the imposition of martial law, the Palace on Sunday urged the public to uphold its loyalty to democracy. In a radio interview, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. stressed that although many years have passed since the “darkest chapters … Read more