Revisiting the ‘WE Forum’ raid, Martial Law and the Marcos war record

Source: MANILA – On December 7, 1982, the Metropolitan Command Intelligence Service Group (MISG) on orders of President Ferdinand Marcos, raided the offices and printing plant of WE Forum, which had been most critical of the dictatorship. Arrested and jailed were more than a dozen staffers and columnists of the Mosquito Press trailblazer, led by publisher-editor Jose … Read more

Martial Law victims to Aquino: Enact the Marcos Victims Compensation Bill into law

Source: MARTIAL Law victims led by the Samahan ng Ex-detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) today challenged President Noynoy Aquino to enact the Marcos Victims Compensation Bill into law as the nation commemorates the 40th year of imposition of Martial Law this month. “It should make for a categorical pronouncement and decisive action … Read more

Finally, proof of Marcos’s abuses

Source: Finally, victims of the iron rule of Ferdinand Marcos have official proof that the dictator did violate citizens’ human rights and caused great anguish and suffering among the people. Checks for $1,000 (equivalent to 43,200 pesos) have recently been distributed to a number of martial-law victims here. Eventually some 10,000 persons will receive … Read more

COMMENTARY | The Philippine economy in the Martial Law years and 30 years After EDSA

Source: These were some of the most enduring and awe-inspiring images of the past generation: multitudes praying, singing and demonstrating peacefully stopping armed soldiers and battle tanks. The Philippine People Power Revolution of February 1986 became a worldwide symbol of regime change through peaceful means. It would be an inspiration for the People Power … Read more