Xiao Chua’s Xiao time special report to commemorate the birth of the late Senator Lawyer Jose W. Diokno. This special report features the late senator’s life as politician, human rights lawyer and freedom advocate. Ka Pepe Diokno was born in Manila on February 26, 1922.

He is the son of a former senator and a British national. He excelled at Rizal College and graduated Summa cum laude in Commerce then pursue a Law course in the University of Santo Tomas. He is the only Filipino who top the bar and the CPA board exam at the same time.

He was a known politician for his fearless acts against corruption during the Diosdado Macapagal term. During the Marcos era, he served as a senator but was among the first politicians who were arrested when Martial was declared. He was detained for 2 years and continue his human rights advocacies after his release. He died in 1987 due to Lung disease but left a legacy for young Filipinos that we should make a great nation for our country.