The Shape Of Death | Martial Law Chronicles Project

List Of Sources: History beyond Bud Dajo obscured History beyond Bud Dajo obscured,5434337&hl=en,390563&hl=en Martial law massacres List of Massacres Under Ferdinand Marcos

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Why We Should #NeverForget

At this age of technology, we would assume that we have everything at the tips of our fingertips. A few taps and scrolls and we get to purchase things, know more about background stories, widen our knowledge, and such. The internet is full of information. And we should choose to know, choose to understand, choose […]

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What the Martial Law Took Away

Liliosa Hilao

When Martial Law was declared on the 21st of September 1972 – no one knew how much this proclamation would affect the lives of the Filipinos and the Philippines for the years to come. Unfortunately, some brave men and women never survived this era of darkness. Martial Law of 1972 curtailed the freedom of people […]

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What Happened to the Marcoses?

Marcos Family

Martial Law was declared several years ago but it was an event that can never be erased in our memories and should never be forgotten. A number of Filipinos perished under the time of Martial Law and denying what happened is tantamount to disregarding the lives lost and sacrifices made. Ferdinand Marcos, the then-president was […]

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