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(2nd UPDATE) After the ouster of Marcos via People Power in 1986, some of his Cabinet officials remained in the political scene, while others started or continued their business careers. 22 Cabinet members are still alive

MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) – On Sept 21, 1972 – 41 years ago – former president Ferdinand Marcos appeared on national television and announced, “I signed Proclamation No. 1081 placing the entire Philippines under Martial Law.”

His declaration caused enough fear and uncertainty.

A few days later, the vice presidency and both houses of Congress were abolished in favor of a one-man rule by Marcos. He, however, retained his Cabinet, consisting of the men and women who would assist the dictator in his plans for a “New Society.”

In 1978, with the shift to a parliamentary system, all Cabinet departments became ministries, as part of the newly-christened Interim Batasang Pambansa (IBP), a unicameral Congress. (It became the Regular Batasang Pambansa in 1984.)

Some elected assemblymen were named ministers, while others were appointed by Marcos himself.

From the start of his term in 1965 up to his ouster in 1986 through a People Power uprising, Marcos worked with 77 Cabinet secretaries and ministers. After People Power, some of these officials remained in the political scene, while others started or continued their business careers.

Here are some other facts about the Cabinet members of Marcos.

20number of years Ferdinand Marcos was President (December 1965 to February 1986)
77Cabinet secretaries and ministers
34total number of Cabinet departments/ministries (counting re-organized ones)


3 – number of women appointed to the Cabinet by Marcos


President Marcos held a Cabinet post himself, in concurrent capacity: as Defense Secretary (1965-67 and 1971-72)


Longest-serving Cabinet members under Marcos

22 – Marcos Cabinet members who are still alive (as of this posting)

(L-R) David Consunji, Simeon Datumanong, Rodolfo del Rosario and Juan Ponce Enrile

(L-R) Rene Espina, Emil Q. Javier and Jaime Laya

(L-R) Ernesto Maceda, Placido Mapa Jr, Imelda Marcos and Estelito Mendoza

(L-R) Roberto Ongpin, Vicente Paterno, Teodoro Peña and Ricardo Puno

(L-R) Gerardo Sicat, Francisco Tatad, Luis Villafuerte Sr and Cesar Virata
Not pictured: Manuel Alba, Emilio Espinosa Jr, and Vicente Valdepeñas Jr

6 – elected to the Senate after 1986

Top row, L-R

  • Francisco Tatad
  • Vicente Paterno
  • Arturo Tolentino

Bottom row, L-R

  • Blas Ople (1992-2002)
  • Juan Ponce Enrile
    (1987-92, 1995-2001, 2004-16)
  • Ernesto Maceda(1992-98)


10 – elected to the House of Representatives after 1986


Top row, L-R

  • Imelda Marcos – 2010-present
    Ilocos Norte, 2nd district
    1995-98 – Leyte, 1st district
  • Leonardo Perez – 1992-95
    Nueva Vizcaya, lone district
  • Jose Roño, Jr – 1987-92
    Samar, 1st district
  • Luis Villafuerte, Sr. – 2004-13
    Camarines Sur, 3rd district
  • (not pictured) Emilio Espinosa, Jr. –
    1998-2007, Masbate, 2nd district
Bottom row, L-R

  • Jose Aspiras – 1987-98
    La Union, 2nd district
  • Simeon Datumanong – 1992-2001, 2004-13
    Maguindanao, 2nd district
  • Rodolfo del Rosario – 1987-98
    Davao del Norte, 3rd district (now Compostella Valley)
  • Juan Ponce Enrile – 1992-95
    Cagayan, 1st district
  • Salvador Escudero III – 1987-96, 2007-12
    Sorsogon, 1st district


6 – reappointed to the Cabinet after 1986

Top row, L-R

  • Simeon Datumanong (DPWH and DOJ), by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
  • Salvador Escudero III
    (DA), by Fidel Ramos
  • Catalino Macaraig, Jr. (Executive Secretary), by Corazon Aquino

Bottom row, L-R

  • Blas Ople (DFA), by
    Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
  • Juan Ponce Enrile (DND), by Corazon Aquino
  • Ernesto Maceda (DENR),
    by Corazon Aquino


3 – elected as governors after 1986

  • Rodolfo del Rosario
    (Davao del Norte)
  • Jose Roño, Jr. (Samar)
  • Luis Villafuerte, Sr.
    (Camarines Sur)


13 – became or continued as business executives after 1986

  • Manuel Collantes † – United Pulp and Paper Company, Inc.
  • David Consunji – DMCI Holdings, Inc.
  • Catalino Macaraig, Jr. † – Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.
  • Jaime Laya – GMA Network, Philtrust Bank, Ayala Land, Calata Corp.
  • Fernando Lopez † – ABS-CBN, First Philippine Holdings
  • Placido Mapa, Jr. – Metrobank Foundation
  • Estelito Mendoza – Philippine Airlines, PNB, Petron, Meralco, San Miguel Corp.
  • Roberto Ongpin – Alphaland Corporation
  • Vicente Paterno – Philippine Seven Holdings Corp. (7-Eleven)
  • Teodoro Pena (retired) – RCBC, EEI Corp.
  • Eduardo Romualdez † – Philippine Airlines
  • Cesar E.A. Virata – RCBC
  • Vicente Valdepeñas, Jr. – Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)

† – deceased


The complete list

Department / Ministry / OfficeSecretary / MinisterTerm
Executive Secretary (up to 1975)
Presidential Executive Assistant (1975-86)
Rafael Salas1966-69
Ernesto Maceda1969-70
Alejandro Melchor, Jr.1970-74
Ponciano Mathay1974-75
Jacobo Clave1975-79
Juan Tuvera1979-86
Agrarian ReformConrado Estrella, Sr.1971-86
Agriculture and Natural Resources (up to 1974)
Agriculture (1974-86)
Fernando Lopez1965-71
Arturo Tanco, Jr.1971-84
Salvador Escudero III1984-86
Budget (1978-81)
Office of Budget and Management (1981- 86)
Jaime Laya1978-81
Manuel Alba1981-86
Commerce and Industry (up to 1972)
Tourism and Trade (1972-74)
Marcelo Balatbat1965-68
Leonides Virata1969-70
Ernesto Maceda1970-71
Troadio Quiazon, Jr.1971-74
Education (up to 1975)
Education and Culture (1975-84)
Education, Culture and Sports (1984-86)
Carlos P. Romulo1965-67
Onofre Corpuz1967-71, 1979-84
Juan Manuel1971-79
Jaime Laya1984-86
EnergyGeronimo Velasco1978-86
FinanceJuan Ponce Enrile (acting)1965-68
Eduardo Romualdez1968-70
Cesar Virata1970-86
Foreign AffairsNarciso Ramos1965-68
Carlos P. Romulo1968-84
Manuel Collantes (acting)1984
Arturo Tolentino1984-85
Pacifico Castro (acting)1985-86
HealthPaulino Garcia1965-68
Amadeo Cruz1968-71
Clemente Gatmaitan1971-79
Enrique Garcia1979-81
Jesus Azurin1981-86
Human SettlementsImelda Marcos1981-86
IndustryVicente Paterno1974-79
Roberto Ongpin1979-81
JusticeJose Yulo1966-67
Claudio Teehankee, Sr.1967-68
Juan Ponce Enrile1968-70
Felix Makasiar1970
Vicente Abad Santos1970-79
Catalino Macaraig, Jr.1979
Ricardo Puno1979-84
Estelito Mendoza1984-86
LaborEmilio Espinosa, Jr.1965-67
Blas Ople1967-71, 1972-86
Adrian Cristobal1971-72
Local Government and Community
Development (1972- 82)
Local Government (1982-86)
Jose Roño, Jr.1972-86
Muslim AffairsRomulo Espaldon1981-84
Muslim Affairs and Cultural CommunitiesSimeon Datumanong1984-86
National DefenseFerdinand Marcos1965-67, 1971-72
Ernesto Mata1967-70
Juan Ponce Enrile1970-71, 1972-86
Natural ResourcesJose Leido, Jr.1974-81
Teodoro Peña1981-84
Rodolfo del Rosario1984-86
Public InformationFrancisco Tatad1969-80
Gregorio Cendaña1980-86
Public Works, Transportation
and Communications (split into 2 in 1979)
Antonio Raquiza1966-68
Rene Espina1968-69
Manuel Syquio1969-70
David Consunji1971-75
Alfredo Juinio1975-79
Public HighwaysBaltazar Aquino1975-79
Vicente Paterno1979-80
Public WorksAlfredo Juinio1979-80
Public Works and HighwaysJesus Hipolito1980-86
Social Welfare (1968-76)
Social Services and Development (1976-86)
Gregorio Feliciano1968-71
Estefania Aldaba-Lim1971-77
Nathaniel Tablante1977-78
Sylvia Montes1978-86
TourismJose Aspiras1973-86
TradeTroadio Quiazon, Jr.1975-79
Luis Villafuerte, Sr.1979-81
Trade and IndustryRoberto Ongpin1981-86
Transportation and CommunicationsJose Dans, Jr.1979-86
National Economic Council (up to 1973)
National Economic and Development Authority
(since 1973)
Alfonso Calalang1967
Eduardo Romualdez (acting)1968
Gerardo Sicat1970-81
Placido Mapa, Jr.1981-83
Cesar Virata1983-84
Vicente Valdepeñas, Jr.1984-86
National Science and Development
Board (up to 1982)
National Science and Technology
Authority (1982-86)
Melecio Magno1976-81
Emil Javier1981-86
Presidential Adviser on Political AffairsLeonardo Perez1981-84
Presidential Assistant on National MinoritiesManuel Elizalde, Jr.1978-84
Solicitor-GeneralAntonio Barredo1966-68
Felix Makasiar1968-70
Felix Antonio1970-72
Estelito Mendoza1972-86

Ed’s note: We earlier stated that Hilarion Henares Jr. was part of the Marcos Cabinet as National Economic Council (NEC) chairman. It was, in fact, Alfonso Calalang. Henares was NEC chairman during the Macapagal administration. We regret the error.