Hilda Narciso, a Martial Law victim recounts how she was abducted and raped during the Marcos regime. She cannot forget the night when she was arrested by about 30 military men who blindfolded and handcuffed her. They traveled by car and went to a military safe house, where she was put in a room with a man and left her alone with him.

She was Raped. She couldn’t imagine what happens next as she was led out of the room to be raped by other men. She can’t forget how there were so many men who groped, fingered and pushed their penises inside her mouth. She cannot do anything the whole time and she felt that she wanted to die during the whole time.

After that traumatic experience, she was able to talk about it to help her heal the wounds. She went on different countries and invited by some international organizations to recount her experience during martial law. The experience was able to help her in putting up women’s organizations to teach human rights awareness and other women’s advocacies.