Part 1. Loss of Freedom.

In 1972, as his term was coming to an end, President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. He justified it as a necessity to counter a growing communist insurgency which posed a security threat to the nation.

But in fact, it was a pretext to arrest all his major political opponents, and close down all media outlets that were not subservient to him.

Journalists, intellectuals, student leaders and ordinary citizens were tortured, kidnapped or imprisoned … or they simply DISAPPEARED.

A short animated video that shows how gruesome and brutal the Marcos government during the days of Martial Law. Martial was justified by the Marcos’s by creating fake communist insurgencies which can help the former President to extend his powers as the ruler of the country. The video shows the possible scenarios for people who are opposed to the government. It also shows the different kinds of torture and abuses that can probably happen today if people will not learn from the past historical events. Through the years, the Marcos family stays in power within the Philippine government so people should not forget how evil and merciless the Marcos’s during their term. Filipinos should be reminded that they steal from the government and abuse the power that was given to them. A lesson that should be instilled in people’s minds that the Marcos’s are still a threat to the Philippines.

Part 2. Lies, Corruption, Murder (Economic and Moral Decline)

Martial Law was the opportunity for President Marcos to silence all his critics who were denouncing the wealth he was amassing with his cronies. During his 20-year rule, he created monopolies for his cronies, awarded behest loans to friends, took over public and private enterprises, deposited money under various aliases in foreign banks. This systematic plunder laid the foundation for his greatest legacy — corruption.

The Presidential Commission on Good Government, established after the EDSA revolution, have so far recovered an estimated US $3.6 billion out of an estimated US$10 billion of illegal wealth.

Part 3. Continuing legacy of corruption and plunder

Historical Negationism is promoted by the Marcoses in order to get back in power.