Source: Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Apart from signing Proclamation no. 1081, then president Ferdinand Marcos also issued 6 general orders and one letter of instruction to fully implement his martial rule.

Marcos' Martial Law orders 1

Marcos signed the famous proclamation on September 21, 1972, which put the nation under martial law for over a decade, then ordered the armed forces to “prevent or supress…any act of insurrection or rebellion.” He then gave out specific instructions to his officials and the public through separate orders.

Marcos released the next day a letter in which he called for the closure of privately-owned media facilities. In the letter, which was addressed to then press secretary Francisco Tatad and secretary of national defense Juan Ponce Enrile, Marcos ordered them “to take over and control or cause the taking over and control of all such newspapers, magazines, radio and television facilities and all other media communications, wherever they are…”

Marcos also released 6 official orders on that day:

General Order 1: Marcos to govern the nation and direct the operation of the entire government

General Order 2: Arrest of certain criminals (amended on September 26, 1972)

General Order 3: Continuous operation of government offices under their present officers and employees; definition of cases to be handled by the judiciary

General Order 4: Observance and enforcement of curfew hours

General Order 5: Ban on group assemblies, including strikes and picketing in vital industries

General Order 6: Ban on firearms.

Marcos released on September 23 and 30 a list of persons that he allowed to carry firearms.