A story about Martial Law during the Marcos regime from a victim himself, Fr. Ben Alforque, Falsely accused of subversion. The story starts when he recounts when the military arrested him and he felt that he doesn’t own his life anymore. He cannot forget how his interrogators made him watched the gruesome acts of torture they did with the farmers.

His torturers even ask him to masturbate them and made him drink their semen. He was so devastated that he asked one of the torturers how could they do that inhumane acts. The torturer said that he could not also take what they were doing so they would have to drink alcoholic drinks to able to accomplish their jobs torturers.

Physical pain is very easy to forget but the pain from the conscience is the most painful. One of the most unforgettable experience was when Fr. Alforque assisted on the vigil mass inside their prison, his torturer came to him for the communion. It was very painful for him because he knows that person was the one who tortured him. The military finally released him but he knows that the Philippines is still a big prison of the Marcos Government.