During the Marcos regime, Samar was one of the most affected provinces of the Martial Law crimes. But why Samar? The people in the province of Samar retold their gruesome experience in the hands of the Military during the Martial Law.

Hundreds of poor families were arrested and questioned on their links with the NPA’s because the whole province has been reportedly controlled by the famous rebellious group. The military arrested groups of innocent men and women from one particular municipality to question their links with the NPA’s.

They killed, raped, abused and tortured them one by one. At the height of this military operation in Samar, some high officials started the logging and mining concessions in the whole province. The people of Samar didn’t know their province is rich in bauxite minerals and large forestry. Little did they know, Samar is a rich and very promising province in terms of natural resources. Until today, mining remains a big threat in the province of Samar.