By: Jan Milo Severo

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya host Kim Atienza recalled a frightening incident he experienced from supporters of ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

In his Twitter account, Kim posted a photo of an old newspaper clip showing him. 

“Look what I found in my baul. #flashbackfriday 1986, In the failed Manila Hotel Coup d’ etat attempt. I’ve had so many close calls and am still alive only by His grace. Thank you for this life Lord,” he wrote. 

According to the old newspaper, Kim was beaten inside a comfort room in Manila Hotel. 

“Isinalaysay ni Alejandro Atienza, anak ni NHA general manager Lito Atienza, kung paano siya kinulong sa banyo noong Lunes at binugbog ng apat na sundalong Marcos loyalists sa Manila Hotel at pinaamin na isa siyang komunista,” the caption in the photo read.

According to reports, the failed Manila Hotel coup attempt in 1986 was one of the six plots devised to overthrow then President Corazon Aquino which involved various members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Recently, House of Representatives approved House Bill 7137 which seeks to declare September 11 as “Marcos Day” in Ilocos Norte. 

Critics slammed the move as a form of historical revisionism with Marcos and his family being accused of massive corruption and countless human rights violations in the 1970s to 1980s.