A documentary of stories from Martial victims compiled by the Commission on Human Rights. Stories and voices from the actual victims of Martial law retold on how they were arrested, interrogated, raped, abused and tortured by the Marcos government.

No one was spared, the poor, the middle class and the rich are all abused during the martial law. In this video, victims from all over parts of the Philippines told the different stories on how the military used various techniques in torturing them.

From electrocution, cigarette and flat iron burns, beating, injecting drugs, Russian roulette, whipping, drowning, strangulation, pepper torture within the female genitalia, animal treatment to psychological torture and other unbearable abusive acts of torture.

The victims and their families recount these unforgettable experiences in the hands of the Military. Today the victims are still suffering and still remain the same even if the government acknowledges what happened during the martial law.