About The Project

The Martial Law Chronicles Project is an undertaking by a non-partisan group of individuals against historical revisionism, particularly efforts to recast the late dictator, Ferdinand E. Marcos, as a hero.

We believe that Marcos’ despotic rule as President of the Philippines and as Commander in Chief of its Armed Forces, from 1965 to 1986, has led to the loss of life and liberty of thousands, the hunger and poverty of millions, and a culture of fear, tyranny, impunity and injustice that continue to stain the democracy we valiantly fought for and regained in 1986.

Historical revisionism thrives under such a culture. So long as this culture taints the light of our democracy, we will stand steadfast against historical negtionism. Through education and advocacy, we will continue the legacy of the brave who, even in death, inspires us to demand justice, and to keep the fire of courage burning ever brighter.

Ang ating puso’t isipan ay ang mga tunay na duyan ng magiting. Each one of us has the capacity to become the cradle of courage.