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The Shape Of Death | Martial Law Chronicles Project

List Of Sources: History beyond Bud Dajo obscured History beyond Bud Dajo obscured,5434337&hl=en,390563&hl=en Martial law massacres List of Massacres Under Ferdinand Marcos

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Martial Law Myths Busted | History

Lourd De Veyra tackles the history and the truth about Martial Law. He invited some experts that can explain the common martial law myths that the young generations believed throughout the years. Professors, historians, politician, and experts discuss what is the truth about the Marcos regime. They answer the situation and the real economic state […]

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Ang Hugis ng Kapangyarihan

A short video showing the real shape of power during the Martial Law under the Marcos regime. There were many people who have lost, abducted and went missing under the dark days of Martial Law. And thousands of people have been hurt in different provinces because of the Marcos dictatorship. In Camarines Sur during the […]

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Lipunang Papel

A short video explaining how greed and corrupt the former President Marcos is. His greed started when he became the president and starts to get kickbacks from various government contracts. Marcos and his wife Imelda was able to hide 950 Million dollars account in a bank in Switzerland. When Martial Law was declared, he started […]

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Tinig Ng Pakikipaglaban

Pete Lacaba was one of the thousands of people who spoke up against the Martial Law during the Marcos regime. He was tortured and his brother was among the thousand they killed. He was among the protesters and activist when Marcos declares Martial Law. He recalls how he carries subversive materials during the Martial Law […]

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Parusa’t Kasalanan

A story about Martial Law during the Marcos regime from a victim himself, Fr. Ben Alforque, Falsely accused of subversion. The story starts when he recounts when the military arrested him and he felt that he doesn’t own his life anymore. He cannot forget how his interrogators made him watched the gruesome acts of torture […]

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