A well-known Al Jazeera Correspondent go back to her roots and find about how the people who are responsible in thousands of killings and violations are still in power in the Philippines. It brings back the memories how her whole family was forced into exile during the historical Marcos regime.

She focuses on the story of the Former first lady Imelda Marcos since her journalist mother has written several books about the young Imelda Marcos. She finds out about how the former first lady’s famous life has been full of lies. The fictional biography and how the famous Marcos family have fooled the world that they were ruling a perfect and progressive government.

The whole documentary shows how Imelda Marcos, a congresswoman now is still unapologetic on what happened during the Martial Law. She still believes that her Husband, the late President Marcos is still the greatest President despite the thousands of cases filed against the Marcos’s.