A short video showing the real shape of power during the Martial Law under the Marcos regime. There were many people who have lost, abducted and went missing under the dark days of Martial Law. And thousands of people have been hurt in different provinces because of the Marcos dictatorship.

In Camarines Sur during the election period, more than 4 thousand protesters were shot by the Philippine Constabulary because they conduct a march and boycott against the election. 100 were arrested, 5 were hurt and 4 were killed during the open fire. Another incident happened in Barrio Sag Od Northern Samar, where 18 armed men from San Jose Timber Corporation infiltrated the whole barrio.

People were shot while they were lined up in front the house of the Barrio’s captain. Only 13 people from the barrio survived during the shoot up. In other provinces, thousands of people are forced to live in camps to allegedly protect the people from NPA’s. But the truth is, people were forced to work in Multinational companies that owned by Marcos cronies. More than 200 thousand were displaced and lost their homes. These incidents during the Martial law are the sins that cannot be forgotten.