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The Rise (and Fall) of Marcos in Numbers

Ferdinand Marcos and Family

Some people find it more difficult to imagine things in words. True enough, some statements are prone to interpretation. However, when words fail – we can count on numbers. We can rely on figures. Numbers present situation in a different picture. It actualizes more the extent of the event. It answers how many times, when, […]

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Imelda Marcos’ Lifestyle

Imelda Marcos shoes

During Ferdinand Marcos’ time as president, his reported salary was never more than $13,500 annually. It should have been given that his family would live with this amount accordingly. However, when you look at Imelda Marcos’ lifestyle alone (not considering the president and the children’s expenses yet) – it does not really figure. During the […]

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How Did the Marcos Family Become Rich?

Marcos Family

The Marcos’ family wealth is infamous. Its source has been debated for years even though proof has been presented on how they were acquired. How did Marcos acquire his wealth in the first place?  Let’s go back in time and check his beginnings. Ferdinand Marcos was not really poor to begin with but he showed […]

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