Cristina Pargas Bawagan, a Martial law victim recounts her experience during the Marcos era. Cristina was an active activist when she was arrested and tortured by the military. She remembers when she was arrested in Nueva Ecija because one of the soldiers had doubts on her being from the said province.

They searched her place and only found some documents and materials, then they brought her to a military safe house to interrogate her. She still remembers how she was tortured by hitting her hard at the ears, fondling her breasts and putting sharp objects inside her genitals.

The interrogation and torture continue until somebody called and inquired about her name, she suspects that her mother reported that she was missing so they finally stopped. After she was released, she even wrote a thank you note to a lieutenant who helped her during her imprisonment. Cristina recalls how she was treated well by the officer so she thought that even if she was a victim, one can also be kind and humane in times of war.