Xiao Chua’s Xiao time special report on the good things that happen during the Martial Law. Aside from the famous government structures and forced disciplinary actions of the Marcos government, people should know that there were also some good things that happen during the Martial Law.

We all know that Benigno Aquino Sr. is the hero of Martial Law but we didn’t realize that thousands of Filipinos also fought the Marcos dictatorship. This is unfair for Ninoy and other Martial heroes because there are millions of Filipinos who also fought the Marcos dictatorship.

The students from UP who continuously organize against protest; labour union groups who fought against large companies; the poor and the rich who organized big rallies; professional artist who contributed in making movies, arts and music as protest to the government; religious sectors and leaders who organized prayer rallies; and politicians who are willing to help the victims of human rights and abuses; and of course all the millions of Filipinos who attended Ninoy’s burial to show the government that they are against Martial Law.

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