Source: The Manila Times

Marcos apologizes to Sandiganbayan for absence, says ‘indisposed’ at time of promulgation 1Former first lady Imelda Marcos visits the grave of her husband, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, on All Saints Day at the Heroes Cemetery in Taguig on Nov. 1, 2018. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

FORMER first lady and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos apologized to the Sandiganbayan for her absence during the promulgation of the decision convicting her in seven graft cases, saying she failed to attend it “because she was indisposed.”

“The failure to appear was neither intention nor meant to disrespect this Honorable Court but was solely because she was indisposed. On the said date and even before, the Accused was suffering from multiple organ infirmities and was under strict orders from her physician to refrain from stressful conditions that will put her at risk for heart and brain attack and recurrence of seizure,” Marcos’ camp said in a motion filed on Monday but released to media on Thursday.

In the past, according to the motion, her lawyer then would accompany her whenever there was a need for her to appear in court but her then-lawyer on November 9 was treated in a hospital “and was advised to rest for three days and was therefore unable to attend the scheduled hearing…”

“Considering that the absence of the Accused was due to a justifiable reason, she respectfully prays of this Honorable Court that her standing be restored and that she be given leave to avail of the remedies provided under the Rules of Criminal Procedure against her judgment of conviction,” it said.

On the same day of the promulgation, however, Marcos was reported to have attended a party hosted by her daughter Imee who, in a video clip, introduced her as the “unsinkable” Imelda.