Trinidad Herrera Repuno, a Martial Law victims re tells how she was tortured through electrocution by Manila Police. She starts her story when she was arrested near Katipunan in Quezon City during the martial law. She was asked if who were here colleagues and what group she belongs to.

She tells them that she belongs to a group from Zone One Tondo organization but they insist that she belongs to a communist group. She still remembers how she was tortured by an exposed wire cable attached to a telephone line. It was unbearable and painful when they trigger the wire because the other end was attached to her fingers, nipples, and genitalia.

It was still fresh from her memory because the whole experience still haunts here unto this day. She still remembers how she was treated like an animal and it made a remarkable impression in her that Marcos is not human because he wants the people to be disciplined and punished. She recounts her whole experience to remind the young generations that “Batas Militar” during the Marcos era is inhuman and violates humanity.