This video starts with some young men and women being asked what they thought about the Martial Law. They all said good things about the Martial law and said how they want to experience it based on what they hear from other people. They think that it made the Filipinos more disciplined during Marcos time as a president so they are in favour if ever it happens again.

Suddenly, the interviewers introduced themselves as the Martial law victims during the Marcos regime. The interviewers recall their own experiences as victims and tell how they were arrested and tortured by the people of the Marcos government. They told them how they were raped, electrocuted and almost lost their minds during the torture.

The stories made these young people realized how brutal and strict Martial law is. They thought they knew it all and they said they were misinformed on the truth about Martial law. Because of the misconception from the so called Millennial of today, maybe it’s about time that we include the right information and the true story of Martial law in our history books.

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