An Easter presentation of Xiao time features on one of the victims of Martial Law, Meynardo G. Espeleta. Meynardo’s arrest was a controversial issue because the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. used his story as one of the “Evidence tortured into existence” which he gets from Internation Commission on Jurist.

On recent events, Xiao Chua, a historian, published a written research about “Tortyur” during Martial Law. The post has reached the real Meynardo Espeleta who is now residing in the United States.

Meynardo set a meeting with Xiao Chua while he is visiting the country and wanted to recount his own experience himself during the Martial Law. He tells his own story when he was arrested and tortured for 8 days before detaining him in Fort Bonifacio and Bicutan for more than one year.

After he was released, he still suffers from the experience and finds himself being blamed by his own colleagues because of alleged betrayal. He went abroad and finds hope thinking how Jesus Christ was also betrayed but still find forgiveness after betrayal. Mang Meynardo is now studying to become a permanent deacon and finds solace through his faith.

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