Xiao Chua’s Xiao time special report features how creative and witty the students protest during the Martial Law. We know how Filipinos like celebrations even if are experiencing some struggles and hardships during the Marcos era. This report remembered how the students of UP creatively make protest out of their witty minds.

The video shows a particular protest where students will wear their school ID’s from their buttocks so when guards would ask for their ID’s they will show their butts to the guards. Another incident where they wear black ribbons on their arms then would tell the guards that a relative has passed away even if it is not true.

The black ribbon symbolizes the death of democracy for the students so you would see hundreds of them wearing black ribbons on their arms. One creative student activist made a poem with a hidden cryptic message where it says “ MARCOS, DICTADOR, TUTA” made it to a popular magazine and the government didn’t notice. This only shows that Filipinos are still finding ways to make their lives enjoyable during the Marcos dictatorship.