PTV News Xiao Time presents a special report about the life of Susan Quimpo’s brother Ronald Jan Quimpo who were among the thousands of Martial Law victims. Susan has five brother’s that belongs to the people who were arrested during Martial law and one of them is Ronald Jan who was very vocal on his advocacies despite his young age.

He began participating in UP rallies against the government during his high school years at Philippine Science high school. He was among the youth who were arrested and tortured by the government during Marcos dictatorship.

He and his friends were tortured, abused and some were even killed after the abduction. He came back home and finally released after 3 months but was not the same person who always participate in various protest. Susan Quimpo still remembers that day in 1977 when he left and promise to be back for dinner, he never went home until this day.