Source: AkbayanYouth.UPD

We refuse to commemorate a dictator. We refuse to allow the Marcoses to rewrite our history and silence the victims of Martial Law. We remember the atrocities and we will not forget.

After Ferdinand Marcos was ousted back in 1986, the Marcos family fled to Hawaii at the expense of millions of Filipinos. Despite their ill-gotten wealth, accumulated by stealing from public funds, purchasing private companies, and managing state-owned monopolies, and despite the thousands of human rights violations committed during their reign of terror, the Marcos family roams free, unscathed by their crimes against the Filipino people.

So unscathed, in fact, that they continue to take government positions, backed by the same corrupt practices that they once fostered.

History will tell us that it is through protest that we fight for our democracy, and the 1986 People Power Revolution is a testament to this.

But in this age of growing restlessness, we must not allow another Martial law to control our nation. This is why we must collectively fight against the current dictatorship, in the same way that our fellow Filipinos in 1986 bravely fought for our democratic rights.

We remember the atrocities.We remember the human rights violations.We remember the corruption. We will never forget.NEVER AGAIN. NEVER FORGET. NEVER AGAIN TO MARTIAL LAW.