Xiao Chua’s special report on Xiao time to commemorate the people who suffer from Martial Law 40 years ago. This special report commemorates the victims of Martial law like the first political detainee who died within camp crame, Liliosa Hilao.

At the height of the Martial law historical killings and tortures, Liliosa was arrested while shouting “Democracy is dead in the Philippines”. Liliosa or Lily to his family and friends was a student leader and a poet when she was alive. She was detained, tortured and raped inside the camp crame.

Military announced that she committed suicide inside the men’s room by drinking muriatic acid. But when her family took her body, signs of torture and abuses were seen all over her body. She was only 23 years old. Lily is just one of the 3,240 that were killed, just one of the 34,000 who were tortured and just one of the 70,000 who were arrested.