These creatives are fighting historical revisionism by flooding Twitter with protest art using the hashtags #Marcos100 and #MarcosArtrocities.

Source: Angelica Gutierrez |

In celebration of Ferdinand Marcos’s 100th birthday (which, ironically enough, falls on September 11), the Marcos Centennial Facebook page posted a call-out for posters “reflecting the outstanding accomplishment and character of President Marcos as a Filipino.”

Artists are Trolling the Marcos Pa Rin! Poster Making Contest on Twitter 1

IMAGE Marcos Centennial

However, the good people of Twitter just aren’t having it. Thysz Adartse called for the creatives of #ArtPH to hijack the contest with their own protest art, and they’ve quickly responded using the hashtags #Marcos100 and #MarcosArtrocities.

Here are some of our favorite posts:

Save this GIF for whenever someone claims that Marcos was a hero.

Because “a few gold bars” is just not enough.

We all need to band together against the White Washers.

Good work, boys. 

Appropriating the original poster is a nice touch!

Meanwhile in 1975…

Some artists have taken to Facebook as well. We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of Angelo James Esperante’s series!


Because we should never forget the atrocities of Martial Law.

This makes us want to catch A Game of Trolls before its run ends in September!

Ooh, look what you made us do!