By: Raïssa Robles

When Imee Marcos, the dictator’s daughter, was asked about Martial Law and the excesses of her family, she dismissed the question with a bald-faced lie.

She did not know much about it, she said, because she was too young.

What she didn’t know was that in the family’s eagerness to escape the mob, they scurried  out of the presidential palace that fateful day of February 1986, leaving behind incriminating documents on their ill-gotten wealth.

One of the documents showed that Imee tried to make singil from her dad’s dummies the shares they held in trust in many companies for Ferdinand Marcos.

I recall the late Presidential Commission on Good Government chairman Jovito Salonga telling us reporters that when she knew her father was dying, she tried to make a list of all the shares in various companies that cronies secretly held “in trust” for Marcos.

I can no longer find the story I wrote on this.

But here is a piece written by Manila Chronicle reporter Julie Javellana on the same matter.

To this day, Imee, her brother Bongbong and sister Irene are still trying to collect. This time, they are trying to unlock the wealth that is still sequestered or in banks abroad by getting President Rodrigo Duterte to sign a universal settlement.

A Senate seat will greatly aid her quest.

Imee Marcos knew all about the loot and tried to make singil from dad’s dummies 1