The numbers that marked the rise and fall of the New Society.

( It’s been 40 years since Martial Law was declared. But it still casts a long shadow over our collective consciousness. No long-winded history lessons from us, though: we chose some unsettling numbers to present Martial Law as it was.

For the record, when we say, “never mind the why,” we’re being ironic. There are many books written by scholars and survivors of Martial Law’s horrors that can better explain why it was declared. Yet, despite these, there are still many people who remain convinced that it was “good for the country.” (And, yes, we’ve met many people who think that way.)

As one of our commenters put it, “The numbers can flesh out the horror.” But then again, an infographic can only do so much. A substantial answer to why Martial Law happened must be sought out by those of us who still can’t wrap our minds around it.

Because 40 years is a landmark year, we decided to make this into a three-part series. First stop, this infographic. Kindly click below for a bigger view.

Martial Law by the Numbers 1