Published on Jun 13, 2015

Video docu produced by the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy. Script Writer: Mila D. Aguilar. Executive Producer: Marc Titus Cebreros. Editing and Sound Design: Miko Aguilar. Uploaded with permission of CHRP ED Cebreros.

Indispensable to the production were Resurrection ‘Tition’ Lao, Associate Executive Producer, who served as punong abala all throughout; CHR regular employee Lorraine Cacatian, without whose assistance with CHR finance the project could not have pushed through; Hilda Narciso, Researcher, whose long-standing ties with ex-detainees were key to getting to more victims; Dhon Ventura, whose camera work captured hidden emotions exceedingly well, and the Human Rights Victims Claims Board, without whose mutual cooperation with the CHR the unknown victims would not have surfaced.